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On Grid System

Solar plates on the rooftop of home


n-grid solar panel systems are ideal for residential & commercial settings. They do not need any batteries, use inverters, and are connected to the electricity grid. Moreover, the system helps save on electricity bills by allowing you to sell excess solar energy to the grid through net metering. More benefits include;

  • Low installation costs
  • As dependable
    as the sun
  • Best quality materials
  • Low maintenance
    for 25 years
  • Sell excess to WAPDA

Hybrid System

Solar plates on the rooftop of rice mill


ybrid solar panel systems combine battery storage and selling excess energy in one available in many configuration. They store solar energy for use at night or during power outages, reducing grid dependency and ensuring electricity availability.

  • Keeps energy backup
  • Electricity always
  • Battery life upto
    10 years
  • More efficient than generators
  • Sell excess to WAPDA